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Wedding Gown Testimonials

Aug 16, 2016

We offer the highest quality wedding gown preservation service in southwest Ohio (learn more here). If you’re at all interested in having our team of professionals preserve your gown, perhaps these recent customer reviews will convince you to #ThinkHeider:

“They removed oxidized sugar stains from my white wedding gown that were 6 years old! They did an unbelievable job, and I am so thankful!” —  Erika M.

“I had my wedding dress ‘stored’ in a black garbage bag for nearly four years before Heider Cleaners took great care in preserving it. It’s back to its original beautiful form.”  — Liz B.

“…we found my mother’s wedding dress from 65 years ago in their house…I’ve researched and found Heiders was the best cleaners for restoring wedding gown. Although I was advised they could not guarantee the results due to the age, the results were amazing!” — Pam G.

“After 5 years of my wedding dress being crumpled in a closet and moved through several different states, I thought it was beyond saving. Heider Cleaners took on the tough task anyway and I am thrilled with the results!” — Claire M.