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From Our Family to Yours: Merry Christmas!

Dec 20, 2016

nativity-4Is that a Fontanini?” one of our customers asked, excitedly, when dropping off her dry cleaning at our shop in Kettering just last week. She was asking about our Nativity set, the one we set up in our lobby every year before Christmas. And yes, it is a Fontanani. “It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed.

(If you haven’t guessed by now, this post won’t be including any tips or information about anything actually related to dry cleaning. But please, read on!)

The current living Heider family matriarch (we’ll give her the code name “Rita”) is a big fan of Fontanini Nativity sets. She’s been known to bestow them to her grandchildren as wedding gifts. But the sets – even small ones – can be pretty pricey. So what is it about Fontanini that makes their work stand out, that makes the cost worth it? For starters, here’s a little blurb about how they’re made:

“Creating a new Nativity figurine or set piece is a very detailed process that can take up to two years to complete from beginning to end, and the Fontanini family is involved in every step. First, a design team which includes the Fontanini family as well as top sculptor Elio Simonetti draws up designs for the new piece…After its approval by the Fontanini family, Simonetti re-creates his sculpture in beeswax form which is then used to create the molds for the figurines to be mass-produced with. This version of the figurine or set piece includes all necessary details that would appear in the final product…Once the figurines themselves are created, they go off to the homes of several skilled artisans to be painted. They are not painted completely from top to bottom by one painter, but rather they are painted section by section, person by person in a painting group…” (Read more here.)

In light of all this, it seems that Fontanini’s value is two-fold: (1) every piece they make is carefully designed + crafted by skilled artisans and (2) they’re a family-owned business.

We’d like to think that Heider Cleaners embodies similar values. We’ve been told time and time again by our customers that our careful attention to detail and professionalism far exceeds many of our local competitors and our business has been family-owned and operated since 1959.

So to all of the customers who’ve supported us over the years, we truly hope that your entire holiday season is blessed, merry, and bright. Thanks for thinking Heider!