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Handling the Heat

Aug 2, 2016

Old Steam PressOne of our local news stations — WHIO-TV, channel 7 — recently stopped by our shop in Kettering to talk to us about what it’s like working indoors in the high summer temperatures….with no air-conditioning.

Borrowing instruments from their meteorological team, the news crew found that the temperature inside the building was about 15 degrees hotter than the temperature outside. This is due in large part to the high amounts of steam emitted all day long by the various clothing presses.

Heider Cleaners veteran Joanie Rauch explained to WHIO:

“There’s just too much heat and too much moisture, and air-conditioning would never be able to keep up. It’s just not practical…It gets really sticky. You feel kind of grungy. You get tired. But it just goes with the season.”

Sometimes the best way to handle a hot summer is to just wait for autumn. Besides, it’s all for our customers anyway. Thanks for thinking Heider!