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Apr 8, 2016

Follow us on Instagram!That’s right — we’re officially on Instagram now! While doing so won’t change your life in amazing ways, you should still follow us. Here’s why…

Whether we share photos highlighting the family dynamic of our business (like this one) or before-and-after snapshots of wedding gowns and other such family heirlooms we’ve carefully restored, our Instagram feed is a super simple and convenient way to actually show you what we do in our shop.

We’re a 3rd-generation family-owned business, and we’ve been serving the south Dayton community since 1959. If embracing social media can help us serve our community better, can help us show you the wonders our professional team can work with your clothes — no matter how bad the stain — we welcome the opportunity.

So follow us on Instagram + Twitter and “Like” us on Facebook today. We look forward to serving you better!