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Coffee Stains Can Be Sneaky

Jun 17, 2016

Coffee StainsSome sneaky stains can be real head-scratchers, especially if you’re working with incomplete information. You may not realize it, but some stains can be made up of compound elements beyond just the obvious presumed cause of the problem. Coffee stains, for example, contain oils which have to be removed with a dry solvent.

Many consumers like to drink their coffee with cream or milk, making the stain more difficult to remove since the coffee is a tannin stain and the milk leaves a protein-based stain. Both the coffee and the milk are water-based, but protein stains require more work to get out. Such stains will have to be treated individually, even though the actual staining occurred at the same time.

The moral: If you drop off an item with a coffee stain, informing our customer service representatives how you take your coffee (i.e., with cream and sugar, milk and sugar, black, etc.) will ensure the best end result when cleaning your garment. Thanks for thinking Heider!