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Cleaning a satin wedding Gown

Jul 11, 2014

Heider Cleaners receives several phone calls a day fromSatin brides inquiring about our wedding gown services. One of the most common questions and misconceptions when it comes to wedding gowns is that Satin is a fabric. Satin is actually a weave. It is woven using a low-twist yarn in a “three over and one under” technique as opposed to the typical “one over, one under” for most weaves. Satin is most commonly mistaken as silk because of its glossy face and dull back accompanied by a sleek and smooth finish. But it can be woven from a variety of materials such as, silk, polyester, rayon, nylon and acetate.

If you would like an estimate for cleaning your wedding gown we can give estimates over the phone but in order to receive a truly accurate price we will need to see the gown to determine its fabric content (silk, polyester, acetate, etc.). We will also need to see how badly soiled it is, how many layers it has and the gowns approximate age and value.

We offer many wedding gown services at Heider Cleaners, including: Cleaning, Pressing, and Preservation. Which service would you like? These are the factors that determine the cost of processing your gown. So if you’re interested in receiving a price quote give us a call. If you would like a firm price, bring your gown in for a FREE, no-cost, no-obligation evaluation. Before or after the wedding, Think Heider!